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Kingston Cove Yacht Club
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KCYC is a 501C7 - Social Organization
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Change of Watch 2021

Published on 10/31/2021

Oct GM Change of Watch 2021 42

Change of Watch

The October General Meeting is always a very special time, filled with the ritual ceremony of inducting our new Board officers; awarding special recognition to special members; and reflecting on the year that was and looking forward to the year ahead.  Tom Pickens, a long time member and past Commodore, led the Induction Ceremony, welcoming all of our new officers to their positions.

In addition to the induction of officers, three long time awards were given out: The Nels Anderson Memorial Distinguished Service Award; the Boating Family of the Year Award; and the Sandbar Award.

  • Nels Anderson Memorial Distinguished Service Award 2021 —John & Shelley Gantz
    The NELS ANDERSON MEMORIAL DISTINBUISHED SERVICE AWARD was established in 1976. It is the highest honor that is bestowed on a member of the Kingston cove Yacht Club. This award is in memory of Nels Anderson, a charter member of this club whose strong, upright character and record of achievements and accomplishments inspired his fellow club members to go the extra mile in the interest of this club. This award is presented by the Commodore to that individual who has shown by their actions that they have, indeed, gone the extra mile.

    Both 2020 and 2021 were unusual years where our activities were restricted by COVID; years that will forever be remembered in infamy. During that timeframe two individuals stepped up and ran side by side with the Commodore to avoid what has become known as the “cancel culture”. Starting under Ken’s command and continuing that work with me, we worked hard every week to understand the restrictions and to do everything we could do, safely. They helped design and execute on providing opportunities to keep our membership engaged….whether that was virtual events or in person once we could. It was a rare occasion that any event could be planned only once..often many times. It was exhausting at times.

    By now you probably all know who I am talking about….they are here every Friday night, at every event (often hosting) and frequently during the week checking on things around the clubhouse to make sure things are in order. Like busy little bees, never tiring. It is my pleasure to award the 2021 Nels Anderson Memorial Distinguished Service Award to Shelly and John Gantz.
  • Boating Family of the Year—Nancy Langwith & Jerry Kirschner
    The Boating Family of the year award was a slam dunk this year. As I go through a list of what this couple did this year not only cruising their boat but also how they helped others, there will be no secret who wins the honor for 2021.
    • Accomplishments:
      • Cruise Captains twice this year including a challenging COVID restricted Polar Bear cruise to Edmonds
      • Didn’t miss a cruise this year
      • Managed the Prime Rib Dinner Fleet fundraising event
      • Provided helpful weather reports for every Cruise
      • Made a point of hosting and welcoming new members to their boat
      • Both were presenters in the boater education day
      • Purchased and christened a beautiful new boat to allow them to cruise and host in the future

So, I doubt there is there anyone who doesn’t know to whom this refers; Jerry Kirshner and Nancy Langwith. What a pleasure to be able to thank you both for all you do for the Fleet and thank you for all the good will you provide in the club.

  • 2021 Sandbar Award—Bob Mehm & Doreen Jordan
    Every year during the Fleet activities we keep our eyes open for potential candidates for actions that are notable and/or out of the ordinary. This can range from running aground, losing a dinghy, falling in or forgetting to bring food on a cruise. We actually had a very safe year and very few mishaps, especially considering the number of boats and members who attended. Good job everyone.

    We have a few honorable mentions like Ken losing a fight with a crab, boats arriving late because of dirty bottoms and a few mechanical issues; but our winner of the award did not have just one item that stands out, but rather a series of unfortunate events:
    • After arriving safely in Everett with only 1 engine in a 25 knot crosswind (good so far), then realizing they didn’t have food on board (not so good).
    • Docking in Bell Harbor included being crosswise in the slip. Unfortunately for him, Gloria was ready with her camera. Again, then realizing that the only provisions on board were chocolate and vodka.
    • Arriving a day late in Pleasant Harbor during the worst wind gust during all three days. I guess timing is everything.
    • While docking in Poulsbo, there was a quote that pretty much sums up this past year “It’s always an adventure with Bob”. Guess who said that?

    And so, this award was presented to Bob Mehm. We also want to thank him and Doreen for being great fun and becoming such an integral part of the club.