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Kingston Cove Yacht Club
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 81
Kingston, WA 98346-0081
KCYC is a 501C7 - Social Organization
Club Address
25815 Washington Blvd NE
Kingston, WA 98346
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July 4th—A Giant Thank You to All Our Volunteers

 | Published on 7/22/2021

A Giant Thank You to Our Great Volunteers—It Wouldn't Have Happened Without All of You!

  • KCYC Pancake Breakfast – Gloria & Steve Young, Co-Chairs
    We are very excited to announce that KCYC had a very successful event yesterday! The July 4th KCYC Pancake Breakfast tradition continued on this year with 8 ten pound bags of Krusteaz Pancake Mix, 30 pounds of ham, 5 ten pound cases of link sausages and 372 hungry attendees!!

    Attendees were also happy to see State Representative Derek Kilmore, who wanted to help out by serving coffee!

    We really want to express our appreciation and thank all of our special volunteers who helped make it happen!! The volunteers and their duties were as follows:
    • Set up and decorate the day before: Tom Chambers, Doreen Jordan and friend Sue, Kathy Showman, Dean and Cathleen Smith
    • Ticket Sellers/Greeters: Rachel Henderson, Diane Nunez
    • Pancake mixer/flippers, ham and sausage cooks: David Lucas, Shannon English, Pete Waite, Alan Kester
    • OJ, water, Coffee maker/server: Vivi-Ann Parnell, Lina Nerville
    • Servers & set up: Karen Waite, Adela Lucas, Janiece Christian, Cheryl Callais, Karen and Neil Parker
    • Table Cleaners/Sanitizers: Bill Parnell, Shelley Kester, Jan Erickson
    • Clean up: John and Kirsten Jewell, Sharon Nuss, Linda MacElvey, Dave Turner, Dan SchoenfeldHaul away garbage/recyclables: Tom Chambers

  • Hot Dogs For Kids – Joseph Charnes, Chair
    The line was literally all the way up the block…and happy faces everywhere. The kitchen was bustling with activity, the runners were running, and the production line was moving through fast!  Over 330 hot dogs serve in about an hour and a half!

    Amazing team: Stan Mac, Rick Eveleth on condiments; Eric McEllven Master hot dog cook; Ilse and Jane the hot dog bun ladies; Grandkids Noah oh, Emma, Jalen on the pops and chips; Joseph’s daughter Sylvia on the cash register my daughter. David and Dan boiling the hot dogs in the kitchen.

  • Toy Boat Build – Rodger Schmuck, Quentin Gilman
    Bless their hearts…Rodger Schmuck built 120 toy boats for the wee ones to build. As the children lined up and waited their turn, Rodger and Quentin provided patient guidance to help them with their build. You couldn’t go anywhere in the park and not see smiling face playing proudly with their new boat!
  • Parade – Greg Colt, Chair
    Upon getting the call to coordinate the parade a short three weeks beforehand, staring silently at the phone, he was hooked. With just one quick meeting, this amazing team came together to pull off what may be the largest float(s) ever. Walter & Karen decorated their truck and Grady White boat and carried the Commodore and Past Commodore aboard, waving happily to the huge crowd. Behind them came John and Shelley Gantz with their Airstream carrying a banner “By land or by sea, this club’s for me”. Up front of everything, Patricia Gundlach stood out as the Statue of Liberty marching in front of the KCYC banner carried by Doreen Jordan and Bob Mehm. And members turned out in full force to walk along side, waving American flags and handing out 600 bubble bottles for the kids to tie in with the two bubble machines spewing out bubbles along the way. It was a grand old time!!!!
  • Beer Tent – Bill Orr, Chair
    Hurrah to all you fabulous KCYC members who stepped up and volunteered to make the 2021 Beer Tent a success!!! Kingston Cove Yacht Club went all out this year to show the town of Kingston and all of the visitors the best our town has to offer. The weather was perfect, attendees so happy to be out.

    It was a great experience to work with all who stepped up as KCYC volunteers, from set up on the 3rd through take down on the 4th, everyone was all in to make the Beer Tent a great success!
  • Kudos for set up and decorating: Loretta Jones, Tom Ruge, Bob Britton, Jan Erickson, Bob Mehm, Chuck Turner
  • Our Amazing Greeters, ticket sellers: Kirsten & John Jewell, Julie Turne, Jerry Andrews, Diane Nunez, Shelley Gant, Cathleen Smith, Jeff Kutz
  • Fast Moving Hard Working Bartenders: Laurie Madison, Mike Zapuchlak, Cody Cohoon, Rad Dedek, Simona Dedek, Patricia Gundlach, Chris Madison, Mistie Fain, David Kutz, Dean Smith, Darcy Cary Simona Dedek
  • Take Down and Clean up after a long day in the sun: Rad and Simona Dedek, Dean and Kathleen Smith, Mary Ann Harris, Chuck Turner, Bob Britton, Tom Ruge, Jerry Andrews

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